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G-Dragon’s New Music Video Just Dropped and It Will Make You Feel Things [Video]

Katie Cannon June 8, 2017 June 9th, 2017

G-dragon’s just debuted his newest music video, and his intentions are quite clear: he wants to destroy us. Emotionally. Physically. Irreparably.

The new track from the singer’s latest solo venture, named only “Untitled, 2014,” may rely on dreamy ballad staples–soft focus camera angles, billowy lace, angsty hair flips–but it’s a beautiful, atmospheric backdrop that takes care not to distract from the core of the song’s message, a guilt-ridden plea for a lost love to return.

K-pop fans are already obsessed (obviously) with the video, which racked up nearly 3 million views after a mere 8 hours live. Commenters are particularly moved by the single’s tender vocals: the song is entirely sung throughout, sans G-dragon’s signature rapping. This conspicuous absence of a rap verse, fans are saying, just shows how special the song is to him.

The despairing lyrics are full of an anguished longing that many fans can’t help but relate to bandmate T.O.P.’s current hospitalization from a sedative overdose: “It may be easier / To die than to be forgiven by you/  I sing this song/ but I don’t know if my true intentions will reach you / I want you to be happy / I can’t even lie, such a common thing/ And I only pray that you’ll come back, I’m sorry.”

References to the other rapper fill the comment section on Youtube, with the hashtag #StrayStrongTOP.

Check out the video: