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Fan Humbly Asks BLACKPINK’s Rosé To Prom And Is Not Turned Down

Otter Lee May 7, 2019 May 13th, 2019

Celebrity prom dates are the sort of miracle publicity stunt that superfans pray for. To many high school students, prom is a super important night that represents one’s social standing. For many adults, it represents the height of their tragically boring lives or simply a time they don’t want to look back on at all.

Twitter user @martinsheep_ was overcome with emotion at Blackpink’s concert in Hamilton, Ontario. The eager blink was present with a daring proposal and a handwritten sign to commemorate it. The young man’s banner caught Rosé’s eye during the concert. She had security pick it up then performed her set.

During the ceremonial sendoff at the end of the show, the kid tried to bring up his heartfelt request again. To his shock and glee as well as the enthusiasm of everyone else there, Rosé answered him directly and happily, declaring “You’re my prom date!” She later added “I’ll see you at the prom” before taking a gigantic Bulbasaur plushie with her on her way out.

While it remains to be seen whether or not she’ll actually be attending, Rosé acknowledged the moment again on her own social media account, highlighting the sign and cheekily asking “did I just get asked to the prom last night?”

@martinsheep_ later gushed about the whole experience on his newly created Twitter account.

Still, I don’t think there are any regrets on martin’s end. He’s become the envy of every other blink on the Internet!

At this point, the fellow seems uncertain whether or not Martin will get to go with his idol, but his night was still very much made in the moment. Record labels and management groups are notoriously restrictive about their superstar clients’ image and love lives. That isn’t even taking into account the girl group’s extremely busy tour and performance schedule.


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