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Fall Out Boy Just Released A Collab With RM of BTS & Our Faces Are Melting

Katie Cannon December 14, 2017 March 5th, 2018 K-pop BTS RM collab with Fall Out Boy

If you were alive in 2006 and are currently alive in 2017 (hopefully that is most of you??? Kindly GTFO if you are a toddler and/or ghost), then you have good reason to get hype on this cold December night: RM–leader of the BTS, the  k-pop band currently taking over the fucking world–and Fall Out Boy–the diet emo band we all thrashed around to in middle school–have COLLABORATED ON A SONG.

The k-pop star is featured on a new remix of FOB’s recent single “Champion,” rapping not one but TWO sure-to-be-iconic verses.


As soon as FOB took to Twitter to announce the collab, k-pop stans blew up the Internet with emo feels–and with remarkable efficiency, #FallOutBoyxRM is already trending at #2 worldwide. Unfortunately, while folks over in the Eastern hemisphere are currently rocking out to the new jam, us Westerners have to wait til the clock strikes midnight to hear it in full.

12/15 Edit: The song is here. ‘Tis lit, indeed! RM fucking kills it. Merry Christmas to us all, and to all a good night. Gird your loins, ARMYs

Ever since BTS’s breakthrough performance at the American Music Awards, rumors of potential collabs with western artists have been flying, with hopeful stans and the artists themselves dropping names like Zedd, Charlie Puth, Marshmello, et al. And while some of those will probably still happen–let’s be real, who *isn’t* dying to work with BTS lately–somehow FOB was never on our radar. It’s something no one realized they needed until it happened; yet another ridiculous surprise amidst all the huge stuff BTS has been doing lately.

But honestly, we really should have seen it coming from miles away, y’all. I’ve got receipts.

Remember “Boy in Luv?”

LOOK AT THESE EMO SCHOOLBOYS.  LOOK AT THE SIDE-BANGS. And what of that screechy pop-punk guitar riff?

Remember “War of Hormone?”

Peep that eyeliner and tell me that those aren’t some Pete Wentz-looking sons of bitches.


So what do you think? Are you feeling as #blessed as we are?

In celebration of this beautiful k-emo collab, please enjoy a video of angstyteen!Jungkook aggressively lipsyncing to Linkin Park: