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Failed Thief Claims NARUTO Inspired Him To Try To Rob A Target

Otter Lee October 16, 2017 August 20th, 2019

Christopher Zahyeer Atkins wasn’t the first person to be busted for attempting to rob a Target, but he might be the first to admit that he was inspired by Naruto. Atkins told the police he was reading “Naruto Volume 5” which taught him how to enter secure areas, like the Target at Perimeter Place in Dunwoody, Georgia. The wannabe ninja hails from the not-so-hidden village of Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Clearly, his ninja skills need work because the Dunwoody police caught him almost immediately after he broke in at 1 AM last Monday, and he wasn’t able to flicker away from the scene or swap himself with a log. Atkins also seemed to suffer from a conspicuous lack of Nine-Tailed Fox chakra to bail him out of the situation.

Atkins was charged with first degree burglary, though police did not find any stolen merchandise from the store in his bag. Instead of kunai, shuriken, or any explosive tags, Atkins’ backpack contained 10 books, 10 DVDs, an ONN DVD player, a Samsung tablet, Bluetooth headphones, money and a clock, none of which would have helped him break in or escape the retail store.

The Dunwood Police found the entire incident so bizarre that they shared it on social media.

Last night officers responded to a burglary alarm at one of our major retail stores. The alarm company observed a…

Posted by Dunwoody Police Department on Monday, October 9, 2017

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that Naruto Volume 5 covers doesn’t even cover basic burglary, making Atkins’ claim appear to be a poor attempt at a ruse rather than a legitimate reason for being inside the store.  The entire story arc revolves around Naruto and his allies entering the Chūnin Selection Exams. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura must complete a series of tasks including cheating on an exam and surviving five nights in a deadly forest. Nowhere in the manga does Naruto sneak into a Target! The attempted robbery chapter occurs much earlier in Volume 1.

One thing’s for certain, Christopher Atkins won’t be making the rank of chūnin anytime soon!


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