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A Very Thirsty Guide to Eddie Peng’s Movie Oeuvre on AsianCrush

Katie Cannon March 24, 2020 March 27th, 2020

It’s Taiwanese-Canadian heartthrob Eddie Peng‘s 38th birthday today–which means he’s achieved Peak Zaddy status. Let’s celebrate!

While the guy is obviously a looker, there’s more to his appeal than rippling muscles–he’s an incredible actor with range across the board. Artsy fuckboi? Never breaks character. Bad-ass revolutionary? Pulling it off. Monkey King? Legendary.

So since we know you’re all stuck inside whilst social distancing, why not bask in Eddie’s talents with a movie marathon of some of his greatest hits? All available to watch for free right here on AsianCrush.

1. Love

A must-watch staple of the rom-com genre, reminiscent of Love Actually. 2012 Eddie–despite being thirty at the time–was still able to believably play a college student with glowing skin & unholy six pack. While his character did make some questionable choices (getting his girlfriend’s best friend pregnant, jumping into a sewer full of poop), Eddie’s innate charisma somehow made the guy likeable. That’s a feat.

2. Fleet of Time

Here Eddie plays a guy who never got over his high school girlfriend, and while it should be weird, again, he makes it work!! Watch for the butterflies-inducing confession scene & multiple love triangles.

3. Run For Love

Eddie Peng + Zhang Ziyi in what’s essentially a food porn set on a snowy Japanese mountainside? Sign me up.

4. Last Woman Standing

In which Eddie plays Shu Qi’s hot younger coworker, showing her that she was right to wait for the right guy even when being over 30 and single labeled her a “Leftover Woman.” Hard to believe Shu Qi would ever have issues getting our date, but that’s our only real qualm with this one.

5. Our Time Will Come

Here Eddie portrays a rebel with a noble cause: freeing Hong Kong from Japanese occupation. A critically-acclaimed historical epic so you can feel intellectual while you thirst over the eye-candy.

6. Duckweed

Eddie as a young thug in the 1990s? Somehow still hot despite that tragic haircut. Watch for the Back to the Future-esque time traveling hijinks.

7. Immortal Demon Slayer

Finally, the piece de resistance: Eddie Peng as the legendary Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. Part monkey, all charisma. Watch it for laughs, tears, and edge-of-your-seat action all at once.

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