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Cosplaying Shiba Inu Are The Best Thing Ever

Otter Lee October 25, 2017 August 20th, 2019

A good cosplayer can wear a variety of outfits and costumes while putting their own spin on every character. And what better dogs to cosplay as colorful characters from both Western and Eastern than a Shiba Inu, the quintessential and most adorable of all Japanese breeds?

Meet S-kun and H-Chan, whose owner, C_Suzuki’s tweets of their cosplays have pretty much gone viral, filling the Internet with some much needed joy and cuteness. Thanks to the wondrous woofing duo, C_Suzuki has an impressive 43,000 followers.

From Disney classic couple Mickey and Minnie Mouse to Nintendo plumber brother duo Mario and Luigi, S-kun and H-chan have enjoyed a wonderful range of cosplays.

Aside from a few holiday specials, there’s no particular pattern for what they wear and when. It’s a marvelous surprise to see what they’ll do next every other day.

And these iconic Japanese schoolgirl cutouts resulted in the dogs getting 8800 retweets and over 13,000 favorites!

In time for Halloween, C_Suzuki showcased multiple costume options for the dogs. I can’t decide if that strawberry crepe looks delicious or adorable. And that snarling witch is totally terrifying!

For last week’s snap election, these pooches pretended to be part of the polls! They’d surely have my vote.

The dogs have even explored dressing up as other animals, rocking a tanuki and bunny costume.

Or what about a charming video where they play a little girl being chased by her candy.

They aren’t afraid of being more somber or pious either. They look positively ready to lead their own Sunday School while in a nun getup.

Or what about the time they opened up their own restaurant?

I wouldn’t be surprised if these doggies get a pro cosplaying deal in the future. They’re just so photogenic and game for any style.

Via Rocketnews 24