Exclusive Movie Collections

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K-Pop Triple Threats

They sing. They dance. And now, they act. K-pop stars from your favorite groups light up the screen in our collection of idol-lead movies & dramas.

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Comedy Gold

We did it for the lulz. This collection's full of top-notch trollery and hilarious antics.

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NYAFF Favorites

The New York Asian Film festival has been bringing the best of Asian cinema to America for nearly two decades. This collection features many of the exciting, genre-breaking films that have been screened at the ...

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Period Pieces

Wars and empires, samurai and swordplay, court intrigue and revolution: these compelling costume dramas take tales of kings, queens, and heroes ripped from the pages of Asia's history books and weave them with ...

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Cuffing Season

It's that time of year: when daylight is fleeting and nights are freezing,  and all you want to do is snuggle up on the couch with your main squeeze and hibernate. Whether you've successfully cuffed your season...

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Scream Queens

Whether they're gusty Final Girls facing off against supernatural evils or terrifying antagonists delivering the chills themselves, these leading ladies are the killer ingredient putting Asian horror on the map...

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Time Travelers

Whether to save the world, fix their lives, or just try to understand their parents, these protagonists have found themselves transported back in time to meddle with the past. But how will it affect the present...

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Gaysian Cinema

Celebrate Pride Month with our curated collection of critically-acclaimed romances that shine a light on the LGBTQ experience in Asia.

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Award-Winning Shorts

Short films are the perfect bite-size taste of cinema--hard to find, but every bit as engrossing as their feature-length counterparts, these award-winning shorts are finally making their way from the prestigiou...

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Lunar New Year

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with our collection of festive movies that brings the family together!

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Squad Goals

Watch Asia's finest give chase and kick butts in this collection of high-octane action flicks.

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Hot Girl Summer

15 titles in collection
Kiss & Don't Tell

Not all baes can openly celebrate Valentine's Day. From affairs, secret romances, and misguided sexcapades with their exes, this collection of rom-coms and dramas explore the taste of forbidden love--its sweetn...

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Fright Night

Haunted schoolgirls, possessed stilettos, murderous family trees: these cult classics are staples of Asian horror genre, steeped in a eerie supernatural sensibility far removed your typical slasher flick.