Romantic Dynamics

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Friends to Lovers

"We're JUST friends!" they insist--which means they are either secretly pining, or deeply in denial. Maybe both. AND IT'S DELICIOUS.

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Enemies to Lovers

You could cut the sexual tension with a knife--but then they might use that knife to try to stab each other. There's nothing quite like the moment that simmering resentment gives way to hunka hunka burning love...

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Ex-Lovers to Lovers

All the lingering anger, angst, and awkwardness mingled with deep pangs of longing, memories of how it felt to be in their know what, I'm thinking maybe they never *actually* got over each other?

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Boss To Bae

It's definitely an HR violation. There are definitely some problematic power dynamics. But's hot.

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Tsundere vs. Sweetie

Only the brightest ray of sunshine could hope to thaw this tsundere's icy heart. But below that stone-cold exterior, we know there's a secret softie slowly melting...

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Complex Love Geometry

Love triangles, love squares, love...hexagons? With all these conflicting feelings flying around, things are bound to get messy. So who's team are you on?

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True Bromance

It's guy love, that's all it is. The bond between two bros is pure and unshakeable.

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Destination: Cougartown

He prefers a mature woman. She's ready to get her groove back.