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Chinese University’s Grad Photos Go Viral For Basically Worshipping The Only Girl In Their Major

Otter Lee November 13, 2017 August 20th, 2019

The Wuchang Institute of Technology is a private coed university, but its Mechanical Manufacturing class has a huge gender disparity, with a ratio of 35 men to one woman in their graduating class. However, the class’s sole female student hardly felt unwelcome as the only member of her sex.

In fact, the class went all out in showcasing and presenting her, treating her as their “empress” and centerpiece in a photoshoot that quickly went viral.

Some are downright charming, others a little ridiculous, but all of them stand out as one of the most memorable graduation photo series ever.

One photo even put her in a voluminous, luminous wedding dress while her male peers all wear matching dark suits. Um, okay.

Evidently, they thought it would have been silly to try and force her to blend in, so they went out of their way to let the uniqueness shine through.

There’s even a birds-eye view photo out on the football field.

It’s a rare opportunity for someone¬† to get to be the bright and shining star of their school’s photo campaign. Some social media users on Weibo even believe that the photos are evidence that the female student gets to live like “a princess” with male students waiting on her hand and foot.

Whether or not the chivalry staged here occurred at the school remains to be seen, but it’s worth mentioning that becoming a mechanical engineer is hardly an easy or delicate task. Graduating in such a competitive field kind of makes her a badass at the very least.

Via What’s on Weibo