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Chinese Pro Gamer Vasilii Livestreams Abuse of His Girlfriend

Otter Lee October 28, 2017 October 28th, 2017

Li “Vasilii” Wei Jun was already known for his out of control behavior in tournaments, including suddenly quitting and abusing his fellow teammates, but last night, he horrified the world when his domestic abuse of his girlfriend was caught on livestream.

The incident began when Vasili’s girlfriend criticized him for his temper, advising him to remain calm and to not speak out of anger while streaming.

“Why are you still talking now? I’ve told you you better not talk too much. You are the main problem, you know? And you keep blaming others, not only in game but also fans in the stream room.”

Continuing to sulk, Li said that one of the other players  “kept laughing at [him] and hurt [him] hard, mentally.”

Still urging him to be cautious for his own reputation’s sake, his girlfriend said: “You can block him, then. Just ignore/block him next time. He’s also streaming, you looked so dumb, you know?”

Li went berserk, flipping over his desk, his entire streaming setup, and his webcam. Despite it being turned away, the cam still ended up catching the absolutely disturbing audio of the incident.

In a sickeningly profane and violent tirade, Li can be heard threatening and beating his girlfriend, throwing furniture and yelling “F*** you” and F*** your mom.”

His girlfriend is recording sobbing as she asks: ““What? I was just trying to say something good for you! Have I ever hurt you? You get mad in game. I just don’t want others to blame you or say something bad about you. I don’t want to see you get mad…and you beat me for this?”

In the worst moments, he yells “I’m gonna beat you to death!” and “I’m gonna kill you!”

Li ended up proving his girlfriend’s point in the worst way possible with the entire viewing world being privy to his violent rage. At the end of the stream, Li is taken into custody by police.

Reddit quickly picked up the story.

**WARNING: the audio is very loud, and disturbing**

The following morning, he lost his pro-gaming contract with Newbee, likely spelling the end of his career.

Netizens called Newbee out for using light and inaccurate language to describe the incident.

Their Facebook post used more appropriate terms:

Vasilii's contract with Newbee is terminated immediately for commiting acts of violence during a live broadcast. We are…

Posted by Newbee on Thursday, October 26, 2017

Per Shanghaiist, his girlfriend also posted a statement on Weibo that day, claiming that while Li had thrown an extreme “tantrum,” he had not actually physically harmed her, and even apologized for the incident happening so publicly. Obviously, she could be lying to protect him–she did say during the video that he was beating her–but even if what she maintains now of the incident is true, his verbal abuse and intimidation alone is horrifying, and his anger issues extremely worrying.


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