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CBS’s New Legal Drama Will Center Around Korean-American Lawyer

Dana Lee October 12, 2016 October 12th, 2016

CBS is breaking new grounds for Asian-American actors in television with their latest upcoming project-in-development, Exhibit A.


Alexi Hawley (left), Daniel Dae Kim (middle), Ben Silverman (right)

Exhibit A  is the newest series project of Alexi Hawley (Castle co-showrunner), Daniel Dae Kim (Hawaii Five-o co-star), and Ben Silverman (Jane The Virgin producer). The series, written by Hawley, is adapted from the South Korean drama hit My Lawyer, Mr. Jo, and will feature a Korean-American lawyer as the lead. The premise of the show follows the journey of the Korean-American prosecutor from disgrace to redemption as he works with an idealistic attorney to fight for the underdogs of Los Angeles.


Exhibit A is an adaptation of K-drama series, My Lawyer, Mr. Jo.

While the project is only in development, if the show goes forward, it will be the first and only U.S. broadcast drama featuring an Asian-American lead outside of the action genre. It’s certainly exciting news for Asian-American stars trying to break into Hollywood since roles for Asian actors are scarce and often limited. CBS currently also has dramas Hawaii Five-o and Elementary featuring Asian leads under its network.

Source: Deadline


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