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Zombie Fighters

A gang leader attempts to save his brother who's trapped inside an abandoned hospital full of zombies.

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A mother is driven to the edge by her seemingly possessed daughter in this chilling horror story.

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Killer Karaoke

In this off-beat horror-comedy, a ghost haunts a karaoke booth, preying on the people who can't sing. Flub a...

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Boogiepop Phantom

A light in the sky, followed by a strange aura and grisly murders. Each character tells their own connection t...

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The Fear

A student becomes possessed by the spirit of a murdered girl hell bent on getting revenge against her killers....

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Suddenly in Dark Night

Seduction, dark magic, and psychological horror fuel this Korean cult classic, in which a woman suspects her h...

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Binding Souls

Three students are assigned to spend their summer vacation in an abandoned school that was once used to conduc...

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Tag-Along: Devil Fish

After accidentally releasing a demonic fish to the world, two students must work with a spirit medium to bring...

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Ghost Mother

Nothing will stop her from protecting her kids. Not even her murder. When a woman becomes the guardian of ...

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When a regional sales manager brutally kills his entire family and disappears, investigators begin to suspect ...

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Be With Me

Breathing new life into the Asian omnibus horror genre, Be with Me consists of three eerie schoolyard tales by...

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Mourning Grave

Teenage medium In-su's had enough of the spirits that have plagued him since childhood, demanding he help reso...