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Asian-Canadian Woman Guzzles A Gallon of Bubble Tea, Calls Herself ‘Bobaddict’

Otter Lee February 28, 2019 March 18th, 2019

First created in Taiwan before taking the world by storm, bubble tea, also known as boba, is an extremely popular sweet drink. It combines milk, tea, sugar or flavoring, and often some combination of toppings including but not limited to tapioca pearls, jelly, or bits of fruit.

Early into January, Asian-Canadian YouTuber Ying challenged herself to chug a full gallon of the stuff in less than 12 hours. “Who needs sleep anyway?” she muses defiantly.

Ying first got the idea after watching another Asian woman on video quench her insatiable boba first with a giant container.

Ying’s local boba shop didn’t offer a super size vat, so she had to make her own, purchasing a 4 liter container of water, emptying it, then having it filled. The massive amount of bubble tea surprisingly only set her back about $22.

Shortly after beginning, Ying polled her viewers and found that 85% believed she could complete the beverage-based challenge. She admits that she probably doesn’t even drink 4 L of water a day let alone boba before continuing to chug. At the halfway point, she seems visibly disgusted with her decision.

Eventually she finishes all the liquid, but decides to call it a day rather than finish the copious deposits of tapioca and coconut jelly at the bottom. She claims that she “doesn’t want to end up in the hospital” and asks audiences for their forgiveness.

She felt a little dizzy and had to use the bathroom over 10 times, but ultimately completed the dare unscathed. Still, Ying does not recommend that viewers at home follow her footsteps and went to get herself checked out at the doctor afterward. Luckily, her blood pressure was fine, but she also decided to swear off boba for a month and get some more exercise.

Ying’s sweet tea stunt garnered her over 500,000 views and 19,000 Likes. A small price to pay for Internet fame, but definitely a taxing chore for her stomach and kidneys.