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Artist Lothlenan Gives Classical Paintings Anime And Cartoon Makeovers

Ilayda Orankoy June 7, 2017 June 7th, 2017

Digital artist Lothlenan breathes new life into familiar classical paintings by reinterpreting them with contemporary characters from cartoons and anime. The result is an eye-catching mix of nostalgia and whimsical humor.

Lothlenan’s digital paintings are unique in that they walk the line between traditional art and fanart. While each image retains its signature brushstrokes, Lothlenan’s own distinct style still shines through. The side-by-side comparisons of these paintings are really quite jaw-dropping.

Among her reimagined paintings include iconic pieces like The Scream, Woman with a Parasol, and The Swing. Meanwhile, the “edited” versions include figures from shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Sailor Moon. Lothlenan has revamped 8 paintings in total, all of which have garnered their fair share of attention on her Tumblr.

If you’re looking to add a few old masterpieces with modern flair to your home decor, look no further! Lothlenan sells prints of her works on Redbubble and Society6.


ACCEPTABLE!!! Both Lemongrabs star in this version of Mr. and Mrs. Andrews.

It’s the subtle details in this piece that really ties The Accolade together: the master sword in Zelda’s hand, Link’s throwback ponytail, and a banner-wielding Nabooru.

Rose Quartz might be the focus of this painting, but the addition of Amethyst and Garnet as cherubs is especially charming.

Totoro’s fondness for umbrellas transcends time.

What with the alien invasion going on in the background, Lothlenan’s The Scream actually makes more sense than the original.

Everyone’s favorite vampire queen and candy kingdom princess look adorable in Lovers on a Swing.

We see you, Gunter! Ice King might not have as much hair as Louis XIV, but he more than makes up for it with his beard.

Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon, for all your 18th-century-slash-early-2000s needs.

What’s your favorite Lothlenan painting?