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Ariana Grande Gets “BBQ-Grill Finger” Tattooed On Her Hand

Otter Lee January 31, 2019 August 20th, 2019
Ariana Grande may have done the most basic thing a white girl can do. She got an Asian tattoo that doesn’t actually mean what she thought it did.
While the famous singer and actress admitted that getting the phrase “7-Rings” inked on her hand for promoting her new song was painful, she later learned the shame and humiliation of permanently marking your body with the word “bbq grill.”
The characters 七輪 separately translate to 7 -and ring, but together they refer to “charcoal grill.” What Grande wanted for 7 Rings instead reads as ” 七つの指輪.”
Twitter and social media immediately pounced on the cultural faux pas, some calling Grande out as a white artist who was only trying to use  a Japanese aesthetic to promote her work without actually getting it.

The popstar eventually deleted the original social media post celebrating the tattoo and admitted to her mistake.
Grande wrote “it hurt like fuck n still looks tight i wouldn’t have lasted one more symbol lmao.” Grande added  “this  spot also peels a ton and won’t last so if i miss it enough, i’ll suffer thru the whole thing next time.”
She also made sure to say that she is in fact a “huge fan of bbq grills.”
While Japanese barbecue is extremely tasty, Grande evidently still felt self-conscious about the whole stunt and eventually deleted her clarification tweet. After phoning her Japanese tutor for help, she took more painkillers and attempted to get the tattoo fixed by adding an extra kanji.
Unfortunately, adding the kanji for finger proved to be a difficult task with the amount of room. Hence, instead of correctly reading “7 Rings,” the awkward placement renders the whole thing as ‘BBQ grill finger.”
The greatest tragedy is that it’s not even on the right part of her hand.