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AI Copywriter Can Write 20,000 Lines A Second And Beats The Turing Test

Otter Lee July 5, 2018 November 19th, 2018

Before the robot revolution occurs and our cybernetic overlords overthrow humanity, a great deal of us can expect to lose our jobs first.

Chinese tech and commerce conglomerate Alibaba’s digital marketing branch Alimama has just produced a powerful new “AI copywriter.”  In the world of marketing and copywriting, it can be difficult for a single human mind to reframe multitudes of different ways to sell products and services. Now, the AI copywriter automatically achieves what no human conceivably could: producing 20,000 lines of copy in a single second!

Users need only copy and paste a link to a product page to receive thousands of generated ideas. According to Alizila, Alibaba’s news hub, brands can also adjust the length and tone of the copy they receive, whether they want the vibe to be “promotional, functional, fun, poetic or heartwarming.” In an official statement, the tech giant declared” “[The AI copywriter] significantly changes the way [copywriters] work: They will shift from thinking up copy – one line at a time – to choosing the best out of many machine-generated options, largely improving efficiency.”

The new invention is part of a larger trend of replacing repetitive tasks and creative processes with technological innovation. Analyzing data, running simple or complex equations, and labeling packages are some of the more menial applications. Self-driving vehicles and the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses are more ambitious goals.Fashion brands like Esprit and Dickies’ are reportedly already using the the tech.

Even more notable is Alimama’s claim that its new copywriter passes the Turing Test, which is used to discern a machine’s intellectual abilities from a human’s. Exactly what makes its copy indistinguishable from that of a human worker’s remains to be seen, but it’s an impressive accomplishment if true.

Previously, Alimama impressed marketers by creating a program that could automatically create an advertising video simply by pulling data from a  project page as well as an autoresizing tool for people looking to make marketing banners.

That low level marketing internship that got you your first paid job might become a thing of the past!

Via South China Morning Post