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50 Sexy Go-Go Dancers Perform At Taiwanese Politician’s Funeral Procession

Katie Cannon January 5, 2017 January 5th, 2017

Who said funerals have to be a somber affair?

When 76-year-old Taiwanese Council Speaker Tung Tsiang passed away recently, his family, friends, and constituents celebrated his life with a full-on parade through the city streets–replete with raucous music, technicolor jeeps, and skimpily-clad go-go dancers. That’s right: over 50 dancers performed a synchronized pole dance routine atop cars lined down the block.

And you thought the cheese plate at your great uncle’s wake was exciting.

Quite the send-off for a public servant. According to Tung’s son, his father had always “enjoyed a buzz” and believed the parade would give his dad “a happy departure.”

But Tung’s wild memorial is far from the first to include sexy dancers–per Shanghaiist, this kind of party-fueled funereal procession is actually a long-held tradition in China and Taiwan, a way of “livening up someone’s passing and attracting additional grievers.” While China’s started to outlaw the practice in recent years, Taiwan’s managed to keep the practice kicking for citizens that kick the bucket.

Two years ago, a wife in Taiwan threw her husband a similar bachelor-party-style bash for his funeral, hiring a group of strippers for her husband to admire from the grave. People looking to say farewell to their loved ones with flair can enlist the help of Taiwan’s booming “EFC (Electric Flower Cars) industry.”

Cars, music, and pole dancing–talk about an epitaph.

Via Shanghaiist

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